Thursday, September 15, 2011

[Conversation about my oh-so-iminently-iminent trip home]
Tracey: What are you most keen for?
Me: I want to put on some ridiculous song from Glee, and dance around the kitchen with my little sisters, while chasing my little brothers into the shower because they are stinky after playing sport and drink wine with mum, and tell dad all the little uncoordinated, illogical things that I did that he would never do and argue with my bigger little brothers about their horrendous taste in music, and why they should be nicer to their girlfriends (or point out why they dont have one lol).

That's what I'm most keen for. As well as driving into my driveway way too fast, going to the shops in my tracksuit pants, and knowing where I'm going, and to laughing and loving and dancing and sucking the marrow out of life. Oh, I'm going home. Such magic words. Home to my people. I'm fierce glad as Scarlett O'Hara might have said.

It will be just for a delicious little taste of my old life, watching two special people getting married, and then back on a plane to London. And I'm heart glad as Anne of Green Gables might say, to be coming back to London. Having recently returned here after 6 weeks of travelling around Italy and France, it did feel like a home to me. It was familiar in its cold greyness. The sunshine only lasted an hour or two. But there was family and friends, and plans have been made and I know what I'm doing. For the minute at least.